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Bouldnor is a village on the western coast of the Isle of Wight close to the ferry port and lovely town of Yarmouth. With stunning countryside, a lovely small community feel and gorgeous sea views, it makes a wonderful place to rent a cottage for a holiday. Nature lovers will adore the winding roads through the trees leading out to the sea, and as it is close to the town of Yarmouth you can experience the feeling of being isolated in the world without actually being so!

Esplanade at Bouldnor on the north coast Isle of WightOne of the most interesting things on the Isle of Wight, let alone Bouldnor, is Bouldnor Cliff. Although the name of the area suggests a cliff, it is actually a submerged settlement in the Solent, which is the body of water between the Isle of Wight and mainland England. Dating from the Mesolithic Era, around 8,000 years ago, artefacts have been found at this archaeologically important site which was discovered in 1999. The work and discoveries in this area can be seen at the nearby Underwater Archaeology Centre, well worth the visit for anyone interested in shipwrecks and submerged landscapes!

There is a small car park and view point on the A3054 Tennyson Road leading to Yarmouth. Rocky steps lead down to an esplanade and the sea. There isn't much there apart from the chance to walk along the shore and good views of the coast. A picnic table beside the car park make sit a possible place to stop and rest whilst touring West Wight.



Yarmouth Pier Isle of WightYarmouth is only a mile or two away from Bouldnor, making it easily accessible for those wanting to experience a more bustling town on a holiday to the Isle of Wight, although it is still one of the smallest towns in the UK with a population of less than 1,000 that swells considerably during the holiday periods.

A visit to Fort Victoria is a must-see, which, as well as housing the Underwater Archaeology Centre, includes a planetarium, a marine aquarium and a model railway. Educational and fun, this mid-19th century fort follows the stunning coastline of the island makes an excellent viewing point to watch the ships sail in to the nearby harbours.


Also in Yarmouth, as well as an array of charming shops, pubs and restaurants, is Yarmouth Castle. The small fort has artefacts and stunning views over the Solent, making it a lovely place to visit on the island.

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