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Bowcombe is a small village near to the centre of the Isle of Wight and is only three kilometres from the county town of Newport, one of the most populated areas of the island. To escape from the hustle and bustle of the town and embrace nature, a stay in Bowcombe is perfect, with its rolling hills, trickling streams and wondrously fresh air. Renting a cottage in this charming village can easily be done if you want to escape with your partner on a romantic break to the Isle of Wight, with stunning luxury cottages available to rent, equipped with private gardens and hot tubs, overlooking some stunning scenery. As Bowcombe is situated close to the centre of the island, all of the attractions in the Isle of Wight are equally as near (or as far!) away, ready to explore, with an endless choice of coastline to discover.



isle of wight scenery outside townOne of the largest towns in the Isle of Wight is Newport, which is three kilometres away from Bowcombe. As it is quite populous, there is so much to do here, if you feel the need for a more upbeat and vibrant atmosphere after the tranquil peace of Bowcombe. With a range of shops, bars and restaurants to sample, there is also the imposing Carisbrooke Castle, a must-see on a trip to the Isle of Wight, and the Newport Roman Villa is also definitely one to explore.



Owl and Mionkey Haven near Bowcombe and NewportThe Owl and Monkey Haven close to Newport makes a lovely day out if you are visiting the island as a family. The sanctuary provides a lovely and safe environment for these rescued primates and birds of prey, and taking the kids to see the animals be fed is a wonderful and educational experience.

Newport offers a wide variety of eateries with food that youngsters enjoy after your trip.

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