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Ryde is a lovely seaside town located on the north eastern coast of the Isle of Wight and is one of the most vibrant and exciting places to visit on the island. Being the most highly populated area on the Isle of Wight, with near to 30,000 residents, Ryde is packed full of attractions and things to do, and is a great place to stay in if you are wishing to experience a bustling atmosphere that overlooks the stunning shoreline.

Golden sands welcome visitors to Ryde, where you will also find the oldest pier in the whole of the United Kingdom. Definitely visit the pier if you are planning to stay in this gorgeous town, as it features arcade games, cafes and fun rides for the kids and big kids alike. It is a listed structure and as well as being the oldest, is also one of the longest piers in the UK.

As well as the pier, Ryde is home to five carnivals throughout the year such as the Lantern and Arts Parade, and lots of entertainment venues such as the Big Apple Ryde with pool tables, a restaurant and diner and a 10-pin bowling alley, perfect for a day out with the family!

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Ryde is lovely for a seaside breakRyde is home to plenty of interesting and historical pieces of architecture, including the All Saints’ and Holy Trinity Churches with soaring spires that reach 177 feet! These mid-19th century churches are wonderful and picturesque, and even if you don’t decide to go inside and take a look at the incredible interiors, just strolling past and looking at these buildings is something to appreciate.

Those looking for a tasty treat or two will be pleased to hear that Ryde features plenty of cafes, pubs and restaurants with succulent and scrumptious food to sample, and there are also lots of individual boutiques and high street stores lining the streets, for those who want to get their retail fix while on holiday in the Isle of Wight. Something to take the children to, however, is Appley Park, which features slides, a 9-hole golf course, a water play area and a pirate ship! The kids will absolutely adore this adventure park and will thank you for taking them to it!

Music and Beatles enthusiasts may be interested to hear that the title of the song ‘Ticket to Ride’ was apparently inspired by a trip that the Fab Four took to Ryde in the 1960s, while visiting Paul McCartney’s cousin who used to work in a pub in the town. This little trivia titbit gives a whole new spin on the song and makes a trip to Ryde all the more special if you like The Beatles.

Visit the Saturday farmer's market held in Ryde town square from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Fill your bags with the tastiest and best food that is grown and baked on the Isle of Wight. Holidaymakers would appreciate a taste of the 'real Wight'. Indulge yourself with the finest pies, fruit and vegetables, jams and pickles for your table at home or holiday home.

Ryde is a lovely seaside resort that should certainly be visited by all on a trip to the Isle of Wight.

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Ryde is one of the larger seaside resorts

Ryde suits people who like larger busier seaside resorts with plenty of organised entertainment venues.

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All parts of the island are accessible from Ryde

Because the Isle of Wight is fairly compact, you could visit all corners as long as your have a car or even most of it using the excellent public bus network. Rent self-catering accommodation in the place that you would like to spend most time and have a great holiday on the Isle of Wight.

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