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Shorwell is a village located towards the south western side of the Isle of Wight. With three manor houses, one of which dates back to the early 17th century and a 12th century church, the settlement has a rich history and is an extremely tranquil and picturesque place to visit or stay in. The village pub, the Crown Inn, has a lovely little fishpond and stream, and it is simply lovely to sit in the pub garden with an ice-cold beer on a summer’s afternoon, soaking up the pretty atmosphere.

Visitors coming to Shorwell will be following in the footsteps of Queen Victoria, as the village was one of her much-loved places to visit on the Isle of Wight. With its array of charming cottages and the lovely streams, copses, farms and gardens surrounding the settlement, it is no wonder why the royal chose to visit Shorwell, and if you do the same, renting a self-catering holiday cottage here is a great way to experience all that the community has to offer.

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The Crown Pub in Shorwell Isle of WightThe large village of Brighstone is about two miles from Shorwell and there is plenty to do here, from popping down to Brighstone Bay which has a long stretch of shell and shingle beach as well as lovely streams. Facing the English Channel, you can walk along the beach, gazing out at the boats sailing past and taking in the fresh sea air.

Nature lovers will adore Brighstone Forest, which is just on the other side of Shorwell. Being the largest forest on the whole of the Isle of Wight, there is plenty to see and discover, from soaring trees, pretty flowers and plenty of wildlife. The forest is set on top of rolling hills, and is perfect to take a picnic to for a romantic spot of lunch surrounded by nature.

Another place to visit in Brighstone is the Brighstone Shop and Museum which is owned by the National Trust. Featuring educational displays on village life in this charming community in the 19th century as well as information on the lifeboat station which stood for over 50 years by Grange Chine from 1860, it makes a fascinating visit for those with an interest in history.

Shorwell is quaint and charming and close to several other villages on the Isle of Wight. It is an excellent place to stay for those wishing to rent a cottage on the island and lap up its calm atmosphere.

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