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Yarmouth, a lovely coastal town with pier and a holiday atmosphereYarmouth is a port and market town on the north western side of the Isle of Wight and although it is small, there is plenty to do here. Situated on the mouth of the Western Yar river, where the area’s name is derived from, Yarmouth is the gateway for many to the island, and has spectacular views over the Solent and across to Hampshire in the south of mainland England. There are lots of shops and individual boutiques to browse in in the town centre of Yarmouth, and a great selection of cafes, restaurants and pubs in which to sample fresh and delicious produce from the island. A ferry runs from Lymington on the mainland to Yarmouth.

Renting a cottage in Yarmouth is a great way to explore the western side of the Isle of Wight as there are lots of lovely areas in this part of the island, including the striking Alum Bay and the Needles natural structure. There is an open top bus called the Needles Tour which runs from the town to the Needles, for those who want to see these incredible stacks of chalk in the sea for themselves.

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Yarmouth Pier Isle of WightWith a history dating back over one thousand years, being one of the oldest settlements in the whole of the island, Yarmouth has several amenities and attractions to discover. The main one to see is Fort Victoria. This fort dates back to the mid-19th century and if you like anything to do with the sea, you will love watching the ships sail by the harbour when standing in the fort, as there are some spectacular and panoramic views to be had.
Housed within Fort Victoria is the Underwater Archaeology Centre which is great to take children to. It features a planetarium, model railway and a marine aquarium, providing both a fun and educational visit for the whole family.

Yarmouth pier is shown on the left, a good spot for sea fishing. A small toll is requested for entry to the pier.

Yarmouth Castle should definitely be visited if staying in or visiting Yarmouth, and although it is very small compared to the striking Carisbrooke Castle near to Newport on the island, it still has an interesting and rich history. Yarmouth Castle was built in 1547 by Henry VIII as a gun platform to protect the Isle of Wight from attacks from foreign invasion. Historically important, this small structure houses lots of remarkable artefacts and is well worth the visit if you have an interest in British history.

Excitement seekers may like to know that there is a paragliding centre with instructors just south east of Yarmouth. Now that would be fun during your holiday on the Isle of Wight.


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