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Brook is a village on the west coast of the Isle of Wight, by an area of sandy coastline and shingle beach with the backdrop of the magnificent chalk cliffs in the north west near the Needles. The main draw for visitors to Brook is the magnificent shoreline of Brook Bay, with designated spots for walking amongst spectacular scenery. Kite surfing and wind surfing are popular here as the area has perfect winds for the sports, but the most popular activity in the area is fossil hunting and beach combing, as dinosaur fragments and reptile bones have been found here in abundance in the past. There is a real rugged feel about Brook Bay and it is simply a wonderful area for visitors looking to see an area of the Isle of Wight that is untouched and has only been subjected to natural alteration. Because of the pure state of the area, the bay does not have any shops nearby, but if you buy your amenities in the village you will be all set!

Also in Brook is the National Trust owned section of land, Brook Green, which is lovely for a brief stroll through on the way to the bay, and if you rent a cottage in Brook, you will definitely feel as though you have gone back to nature and escaped the busy life of the bigger towns and cities.

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Brook is a small village and is perfect for a cottage retreat for older visitors, but if you feel like exploring another nearby part of the Isle of Wight, then a visit to the large village and civil parish of Freshwater makes a lovely day out. At just under 5 miles away, it is easily accessible and is home to a popular coastline with striking chalk cliffs. If coming to the area with kids then do be sure to participate in walking treasure trails which enables partakers to solve clues and directions on a map whilst having fun and finding out about the area of Freshwater. It is educational and fun and a great activity for all the family!

Another place to visit in Freshwater is Afton Park, a gorgeous English Country Garden with apple orchards, beautiful grounds, cake and tea served in the café and a lovely shop, making it a wonderful idea for an afternoon of sitting outside and gazing at stunning views in a pretty setting.

The nearest village to Brook is Brighstone, just two and a half miles south. The main road passes Brighstone Forest, an outdoor recreation area for cyclists, walkers and horse riders.

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