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Cranmore is a village in the north western coast of the Isle of Wight, just three miles east from the large town of Yarmouth. With spectacular cliff-top views overlooking the sea, enchanting woodlands and sprawling areas of heathland, it is full of character and is a wonderful place to rent a quaint, self-catering thatched cottage.

abundant wild flowers on the Isle of WightThe scenery and stunning land of Cranmore that surrounds the main village is so beautiful that it has been awarded the status of Sites of Special Scientific Interest, as over 30 acres of this land is home to an array of rare and interesting wildlife.

Species that can be found in the thickets of the forest include the rare red squirrel, adders, lizards, the nightingale and the beautiful but uncommon butterfly, the small pearl-bordered Fritillary, making Cranmore a haven for nature and wildlife lovers.

Staying in this lovely part of the Isle of Wight is perfect if you do not like busy town areas, and with the beautiful backdrops and flora to discover, it makes a tranquil and educational trip to the island.

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As Cranmore is just a small village on the Isle of Wight, there aren’t very many attractions or places to visit, aside from exploring the natural scenery around you, of course. The village is very close by to the port of Yarmouth, only three miles, and although it is still quite a small town, there is a lot to do to whet your appetite. The Underwater Archaeology Centre is a must-see, and includes a marine aquarium and planetarium. Housed within the fabulous 19th century Fort Victoria which follows the incredible Isle of Wight coastland, there is also a model railway which the children will absolutely adore, with extensive layouts and knowledgeable staff. After you have explored the fort, taking a stroll outside is a wonderful idea as you can watch the ships sail into the harbours.

Another must-see in Yarmouth is the small but interesting Yarmouth Castle. With displays of artefacts, a history about the castle and the town of Yarmouth, and excellent views over the Solent, it makes a wonderful morning out, before heading into one of the many pubs, cafés and restaurants in the town centre.

Cranmore is a small but pretty village, and staying in a cottage here is perfect if you want to experience a quieter side to the Isle of Wight.

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