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Located inland from the Isle of Wight in the central eastern part of the island near Apse Heath is the hamlet of Hale Common. This little community is wonderful for those interested in getting an insight into farming as the hamlet is an agricultural centre that focuses on its farmhouses. Renting a cottage on a farm in Hale Common is a brilliant idea to be immersed in an unfamiliar way of life, as waking up with the cockerels and falling asleep with the setting sun is the perfect way to experience everything that life on a farm has to offer.

One exciting thing to participate in during a visit or a stay in Hale Common is the Hollands Strawberry Farm (PO30 3AQ). At this farm, visitors can pick their own strawberries and there is also a shop selling delicious cream and fresh strawberries from the farm. Hollands is only open during the summer months from May until September but makes a lovely activity for those looking for a hand’s on farming encounter.

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With a pub and other small shops, Hale Common offers its visitors peace and tranquillity in a stunning setting, and is perfect for people looking for a real outdoors holiday. For those who love fishing, there are two lakes in Hale Common - the Hale Manor lakes. Catching your own fish which you can then cook in the comfort of your self-catering cottage is a brilliant way to get back into nature, and bird enthusiasts can look out for rare kinds when on the lakes, as the area is safeguarded by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Close by to Hale Common is the small village of Arreton. If you feel like a change from the rustic lifestyle then a day trip here is brilliant and educational, as the village is home to the Shipwreck Centre and Maritime Museum. Housed in the Grade II listed stone barn of Jacob’s Yard, the museum features a working Blacksmith’s forge and fishing and smuggling displays.

Located south east of Hale Common is the hamlet of Branstone which also has a lot to offer visitors. The Branstone Farm Studies Centre is great to take children to as you can get a guided tour of the farm that houses sheep, cattle, poultry and pigs, and you can handle and feed the animals in this safe setting as well as get a glimpse into the daily lives of the farmers.

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