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Along the north western coast of the Isle of Wight lies the small village of Hamstead, which is around three miles from the port of Yarmouth and directly across the Solent from the New Forest. Nature lovers will adore this quiet and picturesque part of the island with its stunning coastal footpaths and abundance of rare birds and red squirrels which can be spotted in the area. There is also the Hamstead Point Beach which is isolated and is home to countless high quality fossils on the foreshore which are simply waiting to be discovered by keen explorers out there!

Hamstead is known for its natural beauty and does not have many amenities itself. The nearest pub is just over a mile away but if you are wishing to escape for a romantic cottage break or a rural retreat then the region is perfect. A popular eight mile nature trail starting in Hamstead which follows down the western coast to Brook Chine is a brilliant way to be fully immersed in the nature of the Isle of Wight. From dense woodlands to open countryside to stunning coastal views of the Needles, the Hamstead Trail is filled with beauty and should be high on the lists of anyone who loves all things nature.

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Places to visit near Hamstead


Yarmouth PierThe lovely port of Yarmouth is only three miles to the west of Hamstead, making it easily accessible for a day or half day trip. A small town but with lots to do, Yarmouth has a wide choice of pubs, cafes, restaurants and shops, which are great to just wander around in. There is also Fort Victoria, a mid-19th century fort which is great to view the ships that sail by the nearby harbours. It also is home to the Underwater Archaeology Centre with a model railway, a planetarium and a marine aquarium, which means there is so much to do for children and adults alike at this exciting and educational centre.

Another interesting place to visit if taking a day trip to Yarmouth is the small but striking Yarmouth Castle. The castle can be visited in an hour as it is very small, but it has lots of artefacts inside and panoramic views over the Solent.


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