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Near the north eastern coast of the Isle of Wight is the village of Havenstreet which is popular with visitors due to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway Museum which is located here. This award-winning railway and museum is a British Heritage Railway and educational charity and has even been visited by the Queen! Taking a ride on this magnificent train with the steam billowing past allows tourists to take a step into the past to visit an era that no longer exists, with its miles of steam track and vintage Edwardian and Victorian carriages. Havenstreet is one of the stations on the railway and is home to the popular museum which features many artefacts such as signalling equipment, station signs, photographic exhibitions and old tickets.

Along with the Steam Railway Museum, Havenstreet is home to beautiful rolling hills, a cosy pub and the Binstead and Havenstreet War Shrine. This landmark is located just a little north of the village, perched on top of a hill and was built in 1917 in honour of those from the parishes who passed away during World War I.

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Go back in time on the Isle of WightHavenstreet is only 2 miles from the most populated area of the Isle of Wight, Ryde, which has plenty to see and do if you fancy a more bustling area on the island. With sandy beaches, the oldest pier in the UK and plenty of carnivals throughout the year, there is a lot to do in Ryde to keep you busy!

As well as the countless shops, pubs and restaurants that are located in Ryde, the town also has a couple of unique things that are worth visiting. One of them is Appley Park, with an adventure playground with slides, a pirate ship, a 9-hole golf course and a water play area. You may want to join in with the kids, but sitting back and sipping on an ice cold drink as you watch them play is a great way to relax and soak up the lovely seaside atmosphere.

Havenstreet is a beautiful village with plenty of charming cottages to rent for a self-catering break on the Isle of Wight. Paul McCartney says in the classic Beatles song When I’m 64, “every summer we can rent a cottage on the Isle of Wight, if it’s not too dear”, and there are plenty of cottages in Havenstreet that are lovely and certainly not too dear!

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