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The village of Luccombe lies in between the seaside resorts of Shanklin and Ventnor on the southern coast of the Isle of Wight. This lovely village is popular with adrenaline junkies and extreme sports lovers as the incredible hills and cliffs provide a wonderful backdrop for paragliding and hang gliding. There is also an easterly wind quite often which makes Luccombe Village the perfect area for these activities.

Luccombe Village is home to some absolutely incredibly scenery, with lush, green rolling hills, beautiful coastal paths and of course, the stunning cliffs overlooking the sea. This makes the area perfect for those wishing to rent a gorgeous country cottage in a peaceful coastal area, many with beautiful thatched roofs set in pretty little flower gardens. The location of the village is wonderful as it is a very short drive away from two of the Isle of Wight’s most popular beach resorts, Shanklin and Ventnor, yet Luccombe retains its own charm and character.

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coastal path near Luccombe VillageLuccombe Village is home to Luccombe Chine which has a steep wooden footpath downwards leading to the small and untouched beach. Visiting this beach is very different from lounging around in some of the more popular beaches on the Isle of Wight as there are no facilities and it is very basic, but with hidden caves that were once used by smugglers and wild trees peppering the area it makes for a very different seaside visit with the pristine and unspoiled sands.

Luccombe Village is just under three miles away from the resort and civil parish of Shanklin, which is a great tourist town to visit. There is lot to see and do here from wandering through the stunning Old Village to a bit of retail therapy on the High Street, and the town is famed for being the place where Charles Darwin settled for a year and a half and wrote the Origin of Species.

Shanklin Chine is also one of the most exciting things to visit here, with its cascading waterfalls, abundance of vegetation and romantic setting. Before strolling along the many walkways of the chine, visitors can also visit the heritage centre which details the rich and geographical history of the region.

Luccombe Village is quaint, small and full of character, and is perfect for those wanting to stay close by to Shanklin or Ventnor.

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