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rural holidays in Merstone Isle of WightMerstone is a small hamlet towards the central part of the Isle of Wight and is about four miles from the busy town of Newport and seven miles from the seaside resort of Shanklin. The area is filled with gorgeous and romantic cottages to rent, that come fully equipped with cosy log fires, in-built BBQs, private gardens and soothing hot tubs. Due to the peaceful nature of Merstone, renting a self-catering cottage in this hamlet is perfect for couples looking to escape from busier areas of the Isle of Wight, yet everything is still very close and only a few minutes’ drive away.

The charming village of Arreton with its numerous places to visit is just one and half ways away - walking distance for some.

Merstone isn’t directly on the coast but due to its central location, everything is equidistant from the hamlet and so if you fancy exploring the south coast one day and the north coast and harbour the next, this can easily be done. Hiring a bicycle is also a good way to get around and stumble across areas you might not have thought of visiting, as you may not always feel like driving or being in a car. Cycling is a wonderful way of embracing your natural surroundings on the Isle of Wight and is definitely worth considering.

Places to visit near Merstone


Merstone is very close by to the county town of Newport, at just a ten minute drive away. There is plenty to do here as it is one of the most highly populated areas on the Isle of Wight, from shopping to dining out in fancy restaurants, and art lovers have plenty of options for places to visit. The Newport Museum and Art Gallery features paintings, sculptures and ceramics, and is wonderful to wander through on a nice afternoon in the town. There is also the Quay Arts which is an exciting gallery exhibiting some wonderful works. The centre also houses different events which are put on throughout the year.

Merstone is tranquil and quiet but you may feel like a little bit of lively nightlife from time to time on your holiday. If so, then Newport is also great for this, with the Apollo Theatre putting on a wide assortment of exciting shows, and there are also plenty of pubs and bars, as well as a cinema for those who want to catch the latest blockbuster.

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