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Norton Green


Norton Green is a little hamlet located near to the north western coast of the Isle of Wight. It is set in sprawling countryside, with rolling hills and simply stunning green areas of land, as the name of the community suggests! A stay in or visit to Norton Green is perfect if you want to see a part of the island that is virtually untouched, and it is fabulous if you love the great outdoors, with fantastic opportunities for hiking, walking and just breathing in the fresh country air.

the isle of wight and norton green are super holiday destinations for artistsArtists will love painting the pretty scenery of Norton Green. Whether you are a professional or whether you just enjoy painting and drawing as a hobby, sitting on a bench outside your self-catering cottage, paint brush in hand, is a wonderful way to capture the striking views of Norton Green and the coast. The area is romantic, quiet and charming, yet very close to the sea if you want to explore the coastline.

The number of beautiful landscapes and seascapes to capture makes the Isle of Wight a great holiday destination for painters, photographers and all types of artistic people.

Norton Green is also nearby to lots of other larger towns and villages on the Isle of Wight. Nothing is ever too far away on this exciting island, and so any place can easily be discovered when on a trip to the Isle of Wight.


Places to visit near Norton Green

The large village of Freshwater is only two miles south of Norton Green, and is well worth the visit if you find yourself in the area. This civil parish is home to two churches, All Saints’ Church, one of the oldest on the island, and St. Agnes’ Church, the only thatched church on the Isle of Wight. Constructed in 1908, it is extremely pretty and makes a lovely little visit.

The harbour town of Yarmouth is almost walking distance, just 1.7 miles away. Visit Yarmouth for scenes of boats in a harbour and a sea front.

Compton Bay is great to visit and excellent for those with an interested in the prehistoric giants called dinosaurs! Fossilised footprints can be seen on the bay during low tides, and even if you don’t find any fossils, you can still explore the sandy beach and its gorgeous surroundings.

The Needles Isle of WightYou may have an interest in photography, and if so, do visit Dimbola Lodge, which used to be the home of famed photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron. Cameron lived in this lodge from 1860 until 1875, and the home is now a museum with exhibitions and displays that are very insightful into the ways in which she pioneered this art form.

The Isle of Wight's best known landmark, the Needles, is within a short drive. Add a few images of the Needles to your portfolio. The white chalk cliffs and the streaked colours of Alum Bay also make good pictures.

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