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Bathingbourne, near Sandown


Part of the larger seaside resort of Sandown, Bathingbourne is a charming farming hamlet with plenty of beautiful accommodations for holiday breaks in the Isle of Wight. Renting a cottage on a farm here is possible and makes a wonderful holiday as you get to experience life on a working farm in this beautiful island as well as waking up to the unique sights, smells and sounds that come with living on a farmhouse!

Listed in the Domesday Book in 1086 as an English settlement, today, Bathingbourne is home to lovely country lanes, woodland and fields that are great for rambling through on long afternoon walks, and as it is a little out of the main towns, is a peaceful and relaxing place to either visit or stay in. Although Bathingbourne is part of Sandown, it is also very close by to Shanklin, another of the Isle of Wight’s largest towns, so you are never too far from the nearby hubbub and main attractions of the island.

Golf Near Bathingbourne


Isle of Wight golf near sandown
Golf enthusiasts will be interested to know that the Shanklin and Sandown Golf Club is very nearby to Bathingbourne, only a 5 minute drive away. Set in a lovely heathland location, there are stunning views at every turn and the heathland soil drains away any rain, ensuring that you can play golf at Shanklin and Sandown all year round.


A festival of Garlic near Bathingbourne

isle of wight garlicAnother nearby attraction to Bathingbourne is The Garlic Farm which is just 7 minutes away. In keeping with the farming theme of Bathingbourne, the farm tells the interesting tale of their 30 year history and has lots of garlic inspired products for sale in their shop such as garlic beer! There is also a café and the Great British Garlic Challenge for budding garlic growers. Vampires, stay well away.



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