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Billingham is a small hamlet in the southern part of Isle of Wight, and is close to lots of towns and villages such as Godshill and Shorwell. A quiet little area, Billingham makes a lovely getaway break for you and your loved one to escape from any kind of hustle and bustle and leaving it all behind in a cottage retreat is a great way to spend a holiday.

Three minutes from Billingham is Billingham Manor based in Chillerton, just up the road from the hamlet. Dating from 1631, Billingham Manor was once owned by ‘An Inspector Calls’ playwright and novelist JB Priestley and is a grade II listed building worth a visit.

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shorwell Isle of WightOne of Queen Victoria’s most favourite places to visit on the Isle of Wight, the village of Shorwell is located just five minutes from Billingham and features gorgeous cottages, lovely gardens and sprawling countryside to explore. It is larger than Billingham and is home to three manor houses, a pub and a twelfth century church.


Close by to Billingham is the larger village of Godshill

Godshill Isle of WightAlso close by to Billingham is the larger village of Godshill, a favourite place on the Isle of Wight. Home to the Natural History Centre which is housed in a 17th century Squire’s cottage and opened by the BBC in 1965, the centre features ponds, fountains, exhibitions on animals and shells, and there is even a shell shop. A visit to the Natural History Centre makes a lovely and educational day out for all and is just a stone’s throw away from Billingham.


Another attraction in Godshill is the Nostalgia Toy Museum which is great to take the kids to. With toys and models dating from 1845 up until 1970, the museum is a fascinating look into the history of toys and adults and children alike will love it!

Renting a cottage in Billingham is a great idea for those who like to see what life is like for those living in smaller parts of the Isle of Wight and to get a feel for country living on the island. There is a wonderful and friendly atmosphere in Billingham as the community is close-knit and small. You will have a wonderful time staying here and will be close enough to a lot of the attractions that the Isle of Wight has to offer but will be able to experience peacefulness and tranquillity at the same time.


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