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Rookley is a friendly and charming village located towards the centre of the Isle of Wight. Just over three miles south of the county town of Newport, Rookley has a lovely community feel about it, with smiling faces passing you by as you saunter into the Chequers pub which is close to the centre of the village, which has a rich and interesting history. Chequers was where smugglers would meet and trade goods in the 18th century, being almost the headquarters of this illegal and fascinating trade, so do be sure to have a drink at this public house if on a visit to Rookley. There are three walks ranging from three miles to nine miles that begin and end at this pub. Leaflets with directions can be collected at the bar.

There is a country park located in Rookley, which houses another pub, as well as a couple of woods and copses nestled right next to the village, which make excellent places to explore or ramble through on a sunny afternoon. Anglers may wish to note that there is carp and coarse fishing in the lakes at Rookley Park. The purchase of day tickets is required (PO38 3LU, Tel: 01983 721 675).

There is also a playing field in Rookley which holds two major events annually, one of them being a gardening occasion, ‘Gardening Galore’. If you happen to be in Rookley when this event or the ‘Rookley Show’ is being performed for audiences, then do pop along to the field to join in with the locals and get a real feel of what village life is like here!

Places to visit near Rookley

Godshill Village StoreThe village of Godshill is only about two miles from Rookley, and is known for its sheer beauty with gorgeous picturesque thatched cottages that line the tranquil lanes. One of the most exciting attractions to visit in Godshill is the Model Village which opened in 1952. Featuring Shanklin Old Village and Godshill at an incredible 1:10 scale, these villages have been replicated with extreme precision and detail, and it is just wonderful to stroll through and marvel at this tiny yet perfect model! If you are taking your children with you, they will absolutely love feeling like they are giants, and so a trip here is perfect for the whole family


ShanklinAbout a 15 mile drive from Rookley is the seaside resort of Shanklin which makes a wonderful trip if you want to see the beach on the Isle of Wight. Shanklin Chine should also definitely be visited if you take a trip to this lovely town. With smuggling and shipwreck displays as well as romantic and stunning waterfalls, woodlands and wildlife skittering past, it is great for those who love nature and animals, as well as those who want to find out a little more about the history of the Isle of Wight at the heritage centre.

Take beach towels for the pleasure of paddling in the sea and sunbathing.


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