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Thorley is a hamlet located near to the western coast of the Isle of Wight. This community is set in beautiful farmland, with hills, rivers, streams and woodlands surrounding the area, so if you are a nature lover you will adore Thorley. At only two kilometres from the picturesque port of Yarmouth, Thorley has a lovely sense of community and village feel to it, and renting a cottage in this district is a fantastic idea if you want to see a quieter and more rustic side to the Isle of Wight.

The High Adventure Paragliding School operates locally, so this is an excellent place to stay if you hope to learn paragliding on holiday and possibly a great activity to build a Stag Weekend around for something truly memorable.

The western side of the Isle of Wight is home to Alum Bay and the famous ‘Needles’ – chalk stacks that rise out of the sea on the very western tip of the island. With a lighthouse at the end of the Needles, this formation is impressive and should definitely be seen if you are staying in Thorley, which is only about a fifteen minute drive away. There is a chairlift going down to the Needles and boat trips can be taken where you can see this natural formation much more close up than in any other way.

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Thorley is very close to Yarmouth, which is home to a stunning port. If you have an interest in nautical things then a trip here must be done, as you can view the ships and boats mooring into the harbour, as well as taking a visit to the Underwater Archaeology Centre. Housed within the 19th century Fort Victoria, this centre features a planetarium, marine aquarium and a model railway, so is excellent if you are visiting the Isle of Wight with your children as they will love it!

Also in Yarmouth is the small but interesting Yarmouth Castle. If you have a curiosity for history and architecture then it makes a great hour-long trip -there are absolutely incredible views over the Solent as well as a collection of artefacts inside the castle.

There are also plenty of bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants to discover in Yarmouth, as well as an array of retail stores where you can shop till you drop!

Thorley is tranquil and quiet, but is a different place to visit or stay in on the Isle of Wight.

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