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St Boniface Church in BonchurchBonchurch is a small village in the south eastern part of the Isle of Wight close to the town of Ventnor and is one of the oldest settlements on the island, making it steeped in rich history. This history includes The Battle of Bonchurch which was fought in 1545 between the French and the residents of the Isle of Wight. The location of the village, situated on The Undercliff, means that the temperature of Bonchurch is semi-tropical with lush foliage and warm weather, making it an ideal and unique place to have a holiday in the Isle of Wight.

With charming cafes and inns, stunning walkways and ponds, and of course, awe-inspiring and panoramic views of the sea, Bonchurch is an ideal place for those seeking a quaint village by the sea with an interesting history and serene present. Literary great Charles Dickens even used to rent villas for months at a time in Bonchurch to spend time writing, as the atmosphere and scenery of the place, plus its mild climate, makes it the ideal place for creative minds.

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Bonchurch near Ventnor
Bonchurch is pretty and lovely to stay in if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing break, but if you feel like heading out to explore a larger town then Ventnor is a mere half a mile away and has a lot of bars and restaurants and a gorgeous sea front.

An interesting place to visit is the Isle of Wight Studio Glass where you can see the workers blowing glass into beautiful vases, marbles and other objects. It is an educational trip for adults and children alike and definitely worth visiting if in the area.

Visit the Donkey Sanctuary on the Isle of Wight

Donkey sanctuary isle of WightAnother place to visit in Ventnor is the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary. Not only can you visit the donkeys residing here but you can feed them, interact with them and even adopt one if you become attached! The sanctuary has a shop which is perfect to buy gifts in and support this loving home for donkeys.

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