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Located towards the north western part of the Isle of Wight, the charming village of Wellow is home to a pretty vineyard, a chapel, a couple of small shops and lots of stretches of beautiful farmland. A stay at this quaint and friendly village is perfect if you are looking to rent a rustic holiday cottage for you, your family and your loved ones, and as the settlement is not too far from the sea and the other amenities of the island, you can easily experience a quiet country break blended with a more bustling seaside holiday.

Nestled within copses and woodlands, tranquil, trickling streams and several ponds, Wellow is perfect for those who love nature, and if you like a good ramble when on holiday, the popular eight mile Hamstead Trail goes through the village. This nature trail starts in the lovely hamlet of Hamstead and goes down the western coast of the island, ending in Brooke Chine. It covers fantastic scenery from open, sprawling countryside to winding coastal paths to dense forestry, and it makes a lovely afternoon for those who appreciate meandering amongst stunning backdrops.

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Wellow is only about two miles from the lovely port of Yarmouth, with its great selection of pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants. If you are fond of seafaring life and are interested in ships and boats, then a visit to the harbour at Yarmouth is a must, as you can watch these vessels glide smoothly past over the blue waters, as you relax with a drink in hand underneath the sun.

There is plenty to do in Yarmouth, and a visit to the 19th century Fort Victoria should definitely not be missed. Within the fort is the Underwater Archaeology Centre which features a planetarium and a model railway – perfect for the kids to enjoy! With shipwrecks and submerged landscapes exhibitions, as well as an interactive Discovery Room, a visit to the centre makes a wonderful family day out in Yarmouth.

Wellow is one of those places where all of your worries will slowly seep out as you soak up the incredible landscapes and backdrops around you. Renting a self-catering cottage in Wellow on the Isle of Wight is perfect if you want to escape a busier atmosphere and unwind into an area known for its stunning setting and calm atmosphere.

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