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Located in the northern part of the Isle of Wight close to the villages and towns of Osborne and East Cowes, is the civil parish of Whippingham. The village is very well known for its royal connections, as Queen Victoria often visited, with her residence of Osborne House being within close proximity.

Today, the settlement has plenty of character and charm, and features the beautiful St. Mildred’s Church, said to have been redesigned by Prince Albert. This imposing church features rose windows, a large lantern and five pinnacles on the outside of the structure, which would not look out of place on one of Europe’s magnificent castles by the River Rhine.

If you are thinking about staying in Whippingham, there are plenty of self-catering cottages and holiday homes that are available to rent. The village has some amenities such as the Folly Inn pub, a rustic tavern located on the banks of the picturesque Medina, serving delicious food and beverages. There are also several farms in the area, as well as lots of woods and ponds, and of course, the sea is only a couple of minutes from Whippingham, making it an ideal place to have a lovely seaside holiday on the Isle of Wight.

Places to visit near Whippingham


cottages to rent for holidays Isle of WightOsborne House is only one mile from Whippingham and should definitely be visited on any trip to the Isle of Wight. This former holiday retreat for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert between the years of 1845 and 1851 features a large collection of photographs of the royal couple’s time at the house. There are also displays of their own personal art collection dotted around the mansion, as well as gorgeous grounds and gardens and a lovely tea café to relax in after you have completed a tour of the house. Having been designed by Prince Albert himself so that the couple could relax in private in a stunning setting, Osborne House should not be missed!

About two kilometres north of Whippingham is the lovely town of East Cowes and its neighbour, Cowes. These settlements are located by the sea, at the mouth of the River Medina, and there is plenty to do here including visiting the Cowes Maritime Museum. With an extensive collection of model boats which dates back hundreds of years, this museum is great for anyone with an interest in nautical history.

Whippingham is charming, small and perfect for a cottage holiday on the English island gem of the Isle of Wight.

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