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Wootton BridgeMany people on holiday in the Isle of Wight are likely to pass Wootton Bridge without a second glance as they travel to and from the ferrry port at Fishbourne, or on their way to the seaside town of Ryde from the west. Located near the northern coast of the Isle of Wight, on the A3504 road, lies the large village and civil parish of Wootton Bridge. With 4,000 people living within this charming settlement situated on the banks of Wootton Creek, it is a quaint and relaxing place to either visit or stay in, with numerous self-catering cottages available to rent and the historical church of St. Edmund, built in the 11th century, being located in the centre of the community.

Wootton Bridge and Wootton, on the other side of the creek, used to be two separate villages but have now merged to make one, which is why the population is one of the larger ones compared to other Isle of Wight villages. But its size only means that there is more to explore, and the character of the area is still retained.

There is a pond in Wootton Creek that is a Special Area of Conservation, which is home to several species such as bats, heron and wildfowl. Nature lovers will also be pleased to hear that the enchanting woodland of Firestone Copse can be found on the edge of the pond at Wootton Creek, and makes an excellent afternoon stroll for those looking to soak up the natural atmosphere and unique flora and fauna that can be found on the Isle of Wight.

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the seaside town of Ryde lies east of Wootton BridgeThe Sloop Inn public house located in Mill Square in Wootton Bridge should be visited for its tasty meals and thirst-quenching drinks. It is very historical, as it dates back 150 years, and every Sunday they run a pub quiz which is fun for all the family to join in!

Wootton Bridge was the location for the famous Isle of Wight festival in 1969. Over 100,000 people converged on Woodside Bay in the village to see acts such as Bob Dylan, The Moody Blues and The Who perform for this large audience.

Wootton Bridge is only about 3 miles from the town of Ryde, and being the most highly populated area on the Isle of Wight, there is plenty to do here. One attraction that is great to take children to, if you are travelling with yours, is Appley Park. This park features a water play area, a fun pirate ship and a 9-hole golf course, and there are also several places here to have a bite to eat and make a packed day out of a trip to Ryde.

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