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Yafford is a small settlement in the south west of the Isle of Wight. Located in the area known as the Back of the Wight – named so for its geographically isolated position on the island and the string of villages by the coastline – the hamlet of Yafford is made up of several holiday homes and charming cottages that are available to rent. With streams, ponds and small woodlands, it is a wonderful place to experience nature on the Isle of Wight, and being close to many other villages such as Brighstone, there is always plenty to do here.

Renting a self-catering cottage on the Isle of Wight is wonderful if you want to spend some quality time together with your partner and also great if you want to have a break with all the family. With large, private gardens for the kids to safely run around in, built-in BBQs where you can enjoy tasty food under the glowing sun and soothing hot tubs to relax in at the end of a long day of having fun, cottages in Yafford are a perfect way to enjoy the Isle of Wight.

Places to visit near Yafford


The large village of Brighstone is only about two miles and a five minute drive from Yafford and is well worth the visit. Home to the parish church of St. Mary’s which is over eight hundred years old, the village has a lot of interesting history. This history can be discovered in the National Trust-owned Brighstone Shop and Museum which has interesting displays of 19th century village life in Brighstone, with lots of information and artefacts.

Other places to visit in Brighstone include the Brighstone Bay, which features chines, streams and a 7km stretch of beach. Whether you like taking nature walks by the sea or if you are looking to explore and discover a dinosaur fossil, the bay is gorgeous and great for an afternoon visit.

Six miles from Yafford in the south of the island is the village of Niton. The main thing to see here is the 19th century St. Catherine’s Lighthouse, which was built in 1838 with a history dating back to 1323. Guided tours can be taken through the lighthouse and it has stunning views looking out onto the sea from the top of the structure.

Ten minutes from Yafford is the fun theme park, Blackgang Chine. Enjoyable for the whole family, this amusement park features lots of rides such as a roller coaster and a water slide, and there is a Dinosaurland with large models of these ancient giants. With lots of places in which to grab a bite to eat, Blackgang Chine makes a great day out on the Isle of Wight.

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